There are hundreds of televisions on the market today with a wide variety of technology. This blog post is to help explain the difference between two different types of TV technologies at the most basic level. When looking at flat panel TVs there are two technologies that exist, plasma and LCD.

Plasma televisions use gases to make up their picture. This is why they are not the best technology for higher altitudes. They have a glass panel that covers their screen which will reflect a lot of sunlight and also use the most amount of electricity. They also have more known problems than any other TV set such as burn in and over heating. The plasma technology has come a long way in the last five years and the problems they use to have are very minimal in today’s world. The benefits to a plasma include: the processing speed, black levels and color. The processing speed in plasma TVs is at what’s called 600hz. What this means to you is that when you are watching anything with a lot of motion (such as sports) you will have a nice crisp picture. Other technologies only process at 60hz, 120hz 240hz or 480hz. This means if your a huge sports fan, this may be the TV for you. Plasma TVs also have better black levels and more realistic colors than the other technology.

The next technology to go over is the LCD technology. LCD stands for liquid crystal display, but we do not need to go over the specifics there. What is important to know about this technology is that it will be the brightest technology with the fewest amount of problems and the least amount of energy consumption. Most LCD TVs use a matte finish screen which will not reflect a lot of light. The colors are vivid, however not as realistic as the plasmas. The down side to this technology is the processing speed and the black levels. Most LCD TVs process at 120hz. That’s 1/5 of the speed of plasmas. This means when there is a lot of action on the screen there will be some blurring or distortion. Another downfall to the LCD technology is the black levels. They can’t produce the deep blacks that plasmas can. Overall the LCD TVs will be the most reliable with the brightest picture.

When considering these two different technologies you must keep in mind a few key points. Plasmas are better at lower altitudes, in dark rooms, when watching a lot of sports. LCD’s are better at any altitude, in bright rooms, and for movies. Both are very good technologies. The hardest decision when buying a TV is deciding which technology is better for you.


Gordon Moore once said that technology doubles every eighteen months. He said this in 1965, 36 years ago and it still holds true to this day. We live in a world of rapidly changing technology and it seems like you can never keep up with the current trends. That is why I have decided to help consumers keep up with the latest and greatest technology so they will always be prepared to make that consumer electronic purchase.

There is a vast amount of information on the web regarding consumer electronics. However, most of the information comes from companies that are biased or reviews of product that is already outdated. Again, technology changes rapidly, so if you are looking at a review that is six months old, you are already behind! The information I will provide will be current and accurate giving consumers some ammo before they make their purchase. The best part about my information is it will be coming from an experienced commission sales associate who has been in the business for over six years. In my upcoming blogs I will talk about many different kinds of electronics including, TV’s, Cameras, Camcorders, MP3 Players, Computers, Home Theater Systems and ways to make all these things work together.

In some of my upcoming blogs I will also talk about how to purchase the electronics and how to get the best deals. Some very simple steps that I will go over will help save hundreds of dollars. I will share some tips as well as let you know what retail stores do not want you to know. With the combined product knowledge, helpful tips and insider information you will get from my future blogs, consumers will have everything they need to purchase the right product, at the right time, for the right price.

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