Do Cables Make a Difference?

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I believe that this is one of the most important topics when dealing with a new HDTV. Most people think it’s as easy as walking into the store, picking a TV and walking out. Unfortunately, your going to come up short on your picture quality if you do this. The cables that hook up to your TV need to be upgraded at the same time you buy the new TV.This may sound simple until you find out how much the best cables cost. You can spend upwards of $150 for a single cable. That price is for an HDMI cable that has a very fast transfer rate. There are also other cables such as component and composite cables that you need to know about.

This first type of cable is the composite cable, or red, white and yellow cable. Most people are familiar with this type of cable. This cable will NOT give you HD. It only has one video connection (the yellow) and two audio connections (red and white). Avoid this cable at all cost if you want to get a good picture.

The next type of cable is component cable. This cable looks very similar to the composite cable but it is five cables instead of three. The colors for this cable are: red, blue, green, red, and white. This is a confusing cable because you have two red connections instead of just one. I break this cable down into two sets, a set of three (red, blue and green) and a set of two (red and white). The reason for this is that the first set (red, blue and green) are for the video and the second set (red and white) are for the audio. So if you compare this cable to the composite cable you have three video connections instead on one, and the same two audio connections. This cable will give you HD, but it will not be the best quality HD.

The last type of cable I will go over is the most important cable when dealing with HD. It is the HDMI cable. (High Definition Multimedia Interface). This is the best type of cable that has a total of 15 video connections, five times more than component cable. It is also much more simple than component cable because it is a single cable that does video and audio. Much easier to use but it will cost you between $40-$150. The price difference depends on the speed of the cable, the higher the speed the better the picture (to a certain point). I recommend going with an $80 HDMI cable which will give you the best picture quality possible without overkill on the speed. This cable is needed if you want to get the best picture out of your HDTV.

Thanks for reading! Any suggestions on future posts are welcome in my comment section.


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