5 Important Buying Tips for Consumer Electronics

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

1. Do your research! If you are planning on buying any type of electronic always take some time to do a little research. Thanks to the internet, doing research has never been so easy. Search for the product you want online and find out how as much as you can about it before you go to buy it.

2. Shop online. There are hundreds of different websites that sell the same product online. Even if you do not wish to purchase the product online, find out the cheapest price you can get it for. It is important to go by the manufactures model number if you are going to do this, that way you know you are comparing apple to apples. Once you know the cheapest price, then you can go into the store with some ammo. Now many stores will not be willing to match online prices, but most of them will lower their prices to get closer to the online price.

3. Work with a knowledgeable associate. It is sad, but in today’s world it is becoming harder and harder to find people that actually know what they are selling. I go into stores all the time knowing more about the product then the person selling it does. This is very important, if you think you are being lied to or that the sells person does not know their product, WALK AWAY.

4. Treat sales associates with respect. This will go much further than anyone could ever imagine. If you do not treat your sales person with respect, you may not get the right product or even the best price. I’m not saying you will be overcharged, however, there have been many cases where I have dealt with very nice and respectful customers and have given them free delivery or an additional discount when it was not necessary or even asked for.

5. Buy when you find a good deal! There are always going to be sales, don’t let anyone tell you differently. However, if you go into a store to look at something and find a good deal, buy it. If you have followed these steps then you will know what is and is not a good deal. There are many times when customers may not be completely ready to buy and let a great deal slip through their fingers. So if you find a good deal BUY IT!

I hope these tips are helpful, please let me know if you have any questions or like to know more about any aspect of these tips.


  1. Gian Sorreta says:

    Good tips. I guess I may just be jaded, but lately I have been having a hard time finding really knowledgeable sales associates. With the ease of internet research finding information is not hard, I can even find it on my phone right in the store, and most of the time I find that associates will actually give me incorrect information.

    One thing I like about smart phones is now you can scan the bar code of an item and find the cheapest prices online to compare what you are getting at the brick and mortar store.

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