TV Audio….. It’s Half the Experience

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

The one thing about these new $2000-$3000 televisions is that they do not produce nearly enough audio. You would expect to get decent sound for that kind of money right? Wrong! The two little speakers they put into most TVs now a days does not even come close to the quality most consumers desire. Why is that? The answer is most manufactures expect the consumer to use their own speakers for the TV.

Many of the TV’s you see on today are only about 1.5-3 inches deep. This means the speakers they put into the TV’s are only 1-2 inches deep, not leaving much room for decent speakers. On top of that, they are only running 10-15 watts to each speaker. So it does not surprise me when customers have called me after they get their $3000 TV home and ask why the audio is so bad.

So what can you do? I recommend to everyone I know who is interested in a TV to add audio into their budget. Audio is half of the experience of any TV. You can get decent entry level audio systems for around $200-$400 to complete your home theater. With that being said, what audio system is right for you?

To answer this questions there are a couple different things you need to consider. Do you want surround sound, or just speakers that are going to be better than the TV speakers? Surround sound systems are composed of five speakers and a subwoofer. Here, three speakers go in the front (left center and right) and two in the back (back left and back right). The subwoofer usually sits next to the TV. The other option is to get a 2.1 system. This is a system that has two front speakers (left and right) and a subwoofer. If you do not want to run speaker wire all around your living room than this is the system for you.

Whichever system you decide to go with you can’t lose. I highly recommend adding audio to your TV purchase because it will make a world of difference.


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